VS Tank X 1/72 IR Battle Tank Pacific War Set

VS Tank X 1/72 IR Battle Tank Pacific War Set
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RC tankers always appreciate accurate detailing and these VS Tank X are impressive replicas of the real thing in 1/72 scale with the usual high quality paint work that VS Tank are well known for. The VS Tanks have fully proportional forward and reverse speeds, controlled by moving the joystick incrementally forwards/backwards. Sideways movement of the joystick allows a range of steering options, from neutral turns/pivots right through to very wide turns. This allows the operator to easily maneuver the tank exactly where they want it to go. In case the tank doesn't run straight, the controller is equipped with a trimmer for each track so you can adjust them for even performance. These tanks come with rubber tracks and have great climbing ability which allow them to crawl up 40 degree inclines! The main gun and machine gun are operated by separate buttons on the controller, both weapons have unlimited 'ammunition'.The main gun has a firing interval of 2 seconds whereas the MG can fire continuously , it takes 3 seconds of MG fire to score a 'hit'. When the main gun is fired it is also accompanied by a back and forth 'recoil' movement of the entire tank. The IR signal from both weapons can 'hit' other tanks at a distance of up to 2 metres in indoor light conditions. The turret can be turned about 45 degrees to each side which will allow you to "peek" around corners, shoot then retreat. Being 'hit' is denoted by a side to side 'shake' of the damaged tank. After one hit, the power indicator starts to flash and after the 5th hit the power indicator turns off and the tank becomes immobile until reset manually by switching the tank off/on. It's possible to battle up to 4 different tanks at once. The ID of a tank is pre-set at 1,2,3 or 4 which will allow for up to 4 players at once. The tanks are rechargeable and charge off the controller unit.

The Pacific War Set includes 2 controllers, 1 Chi-Ha Tank, 1 Sherman Tank and accessories. You will also need 4 AA batteries per controller.

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