Dynam De Haviland Tiger Moth PnP

Dynam De Haviland Tiger Moth PnP
Dynam De Haviland Tiger Moth PnP
Dynam De Haviland Tiger Moth PnP
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Introducing Dynam's new De Haviland Tiger Moth! This iconic bi-plane has been realistically replicated by Dynam and the results are even clearer when the Tiger Moth gets airborne! The Dynam Tiger Moth behaves just as docile as the real aircraft and is very forgiving to fly. Low speed handling characteristics on this aircraft are fantastic and stalls are easily recovered (although you must be doing something really silly to non-intentionally stall this plane!). Landings and take-offs are a breeze with the Tiger Moth's sturdy landing gears with functional spring loaded cross-braces and large diameter wheels. This Dynam plane looks awesome when flown scale but as it shares the same powerplant as the Dynam 3D planes (Pitts, Sbach and SU-26), it has great vertical ability and can be flown aerobatically with no problems whatsoever. The Dynam Tiger Moth is constructed from high density EPO foam which is of course very light but extremely durable. This plane is ideally suited for advanced beginner's thanks to its easy handling characteristics but can be easily enjoyed by all pilots as this classic bi-plane is extremely versatile and fun to fly. The Dynam Tiger Moth comes in brilliant yellow and for us Aussie pilots, even comes with Australian "VH" designations! 


Wingspan: 1270mm
Length: 1050mm
Battery: 14.8V 2200mah 25c Lipo
ESC: 40A
Motor: 650KV
Flying Weight: 1450g

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