Dynam Hawksky v2 PnP

Dynam Hawksky v2 PnP
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The Hawksky v2 powered glider is constructed from durable EPO foam and is complete as a PNP kit.

The Hawksky v2 is a massive improvement over in predecessor as it has a better motor mount, stiffer wing and fuselage as well as a more powerful motor and prop combo.

The Hawksky v2 is designed not just for beginners in mind as it is a great aircraft for windy days and can perform loops, rolls and inverted flying with ease. It has a top mounted pusher prop to minimize the chances of damaging the motor and prop and comes with clip in removeable wings and optional wheels. This is one of the best and most versatile aircrafts to learn on as it is very durable and is super stable and capable of low speed flying as well as mild aerobatics.

The Hawksky is powered by a Dynam 1900kv motor motor and a 3 cell 11.1V.

The Hawksky V2 can cruise at approx 3 amps-5 amps... making it so effecient for long flight time.

We have tested this as a FPV platform, along with our special www.fpv-power.com.au Long range packs, this plane has flown for more than 1 hour on a single pack!

Contact us for a complete solution for this Hawksky V2 !  with Autopilot with return to home feature, OSD, and Long range battery pack.

 Total Length:    917mm
 Wing Span:       1370mm
 Wing area:       22.8dm2
 Fuselage Length: 870mm
 Weight:          600g
Battery: 11.1V Lipp
ESC: 30A Brushless




FPV on the hawksky V2, chasing another hawksky V2

More FPV fun with the Hawksky V2

Here is a 70min FPV Flight with our Special HZ Long range Battery pack, More info on these batteries click HERE


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