Dynam Spitfire 1200mm v2 PnP

Dynam Spitfire 1200mm v2 PnP
Dynam Spitfire 1200mm v2 PnP
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The Dynam Spitfire is another great looking scale warbird which unlike its 900mm little brother, this 1200mm model comes complete with scale retracts and is flap ready with servos. This aircraft flies very scale and like the real thing, it is very agile and can perform rolls, loops, stall turns and other aerobatic moneuvers with ease. The Dynam Spitfire runs on a 11.1V 2200mah Lipo which should get you between 10-15 minutes of flying and is powered by a KV890 motor which gives it ample power. Once again, because of its eliptical wing, the spitfire does not like to pull hard moneuvers at low speeds and needs to be flown smoothly. Like all Dynam planes, the spitfire is made from high density EPO foam for durability and lightness. This model is beautifully finished in a maltese paint scheme and is a perfect example of a time old classic warbird.


Wingspan:1200mm(47in)                                      Overall Length:1010mm(40in)
Wing loading:40.5g/dm2                                       Flying weight:1150g(40.6oz)
Servo:9gX6 (with flap)                                           Flap Type: plain flap

Battery:11.1v 2200mAh 20C Li-Po                        ESC:30A
Motor: BM3715A-KV890 Brushless Outrunner

With Retract landing gear


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