Techone Yak 55 PnP

Techone Yak 55 PnP
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The Techone Yak 55 is a great trainer for those getting into 3D flight as it doesnt need a large area to fly in and its lightweight EPP construction is durable enough to withstand some banging around! The Techone Yak 55 is ideally suited for large indoor spaces as well as outdoors when its fairly calm. It is a great aircraft to practice on as it is very forgiving with mistakes. The Yak 55 is full 3D capable but is also quite easy to manage even when things get a little out of hand. Being so light, the Yak 55 recovers easily when stalled and has great throttle response which make snapping into a hover very easy.

This kit is PnP and will only need radio gear, battery and charger to finish it off.


 Fuselage Length: 840mm 
Wingspan: 800mm 
Flying Weight: 170-180g (with battery)
Motor: 2204 1700KV
ESC: 10 Amp
Propeller: GWS 8x4 Prop
Servo: 6-8g Micro Servo * 3pcs
Battery: 7.4v 400-500mah Li-Po


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