Techone Popwing 1300mm EPP PnP

Techone Popwing 1300mm EPP PnP
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The Techone Popwing 1300mm is a flying wing made from EPP foam which is incredibly light and flexible and will take a fair amount of punishment before needing any repair work. The Popwing weighs in at around 484g depending on battery and combined with its large wing area, the Popwing can cruise around at ridiculously low speeds without any bad tendencies. The Popwing doesn't only excel at low speed flight and gliding but is also great at sports flyiing thanks to its powerful motor and large responsive control surfaces. The Popwing rolls, loops and climbs easily and is suited for all pilots!

This kit comes with all running gear except for battery, charger and radio gear. Please note that the Popwing needs a radio system which can do elevon mixing.

Length: 390mm
Wingspan: 1300mm
Flying Weight: 484g
Motor: 1250kv brushless
ESC: 30A
Battery: 11.1V 1800mah Lipo

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