Dynam AT-6 Texan PnP

Dynam AT-6 Texan PnP
Dynam AT-6 Texan PnP
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The Dynam AT-6 texan is another classic warbird which as usual is delivered flawlessly with great attention to detail. The paintscheme is historically accurate and like it was used in real life as a stepping stone for budding fighter pilots, this scale model from Dynam is suited for the advanced beginner aiming to hone their skills on a low wing aircraft. As it is still a trainer aircraft, it has large straight wings which provide plenty of lift even at extremely low speeds and due to its exceptional design it is incredibly stable throughout its whole flight envelope. Pilots will find this aircraft is extremely versatile and can be used to learn on or can thrown around the sky agressively by more experienced pilots.  This model comes with realistic retracts and can be fitted with flaps as well.

This warbird is plug and play and needs radio gear, 11.1V 2200mah Lipo and charger.

Wing span: 1370mm
Total Length: 895mm
Weight: 1250g
Propeller: 13x9
Motor: Dynam KV1050 Brushless-motor
ESC: 30A Brushless Programmable ESC
servo: 4 x Dynam 9g, Servos

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