MrRcSound Latest V4.1 Base Unit -Free Delivery

MrRcSound Latest V4.1 Base Unit -Free Delivery
MrRcSound Latest V4.1 Base Unit -Free Delivery
MrRcSound Latest V4.1 Base Unit -Free Delivery
MrRcSound Latest V4.1 Base Unit -Free Delivery
MrRcSound Latest V4.1 Base Unit -Free Delivery
MrRcSound Latest V4.1 Base Unit -Free Delivery
MrRcSound Latest V4.1 Base Unit -Free Delivery
MrRcSound Latest V4.1 Base Unit -Free Delivery
MrRcSound Latest V4.1 Base Unit -Free Delivery
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Why not buy it from Hobbyzone here for the same price as you would from the USA, we hold local stock, send  by trackable Auspost, local warranty & tech support.

If you were to buy from the USA you will be subjected to 1. Paypal's rip off Exchange rate, 2. long delivery time, 3. warranty is return to base (USA)

Buy it from us and get local support! with FREE DELIVERY ALL OVER AUSTRALIA

MrRCSound version 4.1 Sound System for Aircraft

Dont you want your Electric RC planes to make more noise? The only scale detail missing from electric RC planes is the noise of a real plane engine. Gone are the days of quiet electrics! 

The system comprises basically of two items: The sound card (PCB) & the TT-25 Transducer

The MrRCSound aircraft sound system adds a huge amount of realism to any RC plane and it is super easy to install.
It is louder than a 4 Stroke Generator or any Lawn mower/whipper snipper for that matter!

NO NEED to cut HOLES FOR SPEAKERS! This system is speakerless! using ultra light 85g, 50mm diametre & 25mm thick TT-25 transducers which effectively transforms the entire fuselage into a speaker system by resonating the sound through it. 

The TT-25 simply needs a flat spot of foam inside the plane or vehicle to attach to.  Since the airframe acts as the speaker, there is no need to cut the foam, mount speakers, or cover them.  The TT-25 is literally, peel, stick and play!

Ease of install: Install time for the whole unit went from probably over an hour to cut and mount the speakers to less than 10 minutes for the whole system to be mounted and ready to go. The MrRCSound is simply the fastest to install, and easiest to use R/C sound system on the market.

No dead spots:  Speakers are fairly directional in production of sound waves.  This means that even with 2 speakers, some orientations of flight may lead to sound dead spots, or diminished volume.  With the TT-25, the airframe is the speaker, so it significantly reduces those dead spots.

More rugged:  Since there is no paper cone, the TT-25 should be more rugged than a speaker, and less likely to be damaged in a crash.

This Aircraft sound system includes 6 different engine sounds which can be selected at any time with the push of a button.The unit includes the following engine replcation sounds: Merlin, Lycoming, Continental, Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp, Daimler Benz 601 (BF-109), or a generic turbine.

Also included are "auxiliary sounds" such as machine guns, cannons, a P-51 whistle, a Stuka siren, and various other sounds.

This unit also has a volume knob so you can easily change the sound level of the unit. This unit will fit planes 900mm and up depending on the room available in the fuse of your plane.

Also included is the "Airplane Finder" feature which allows you to locate your plane should you have a crash. This feature is only activated once you advance the throttle. When the sound unit detects no throttle input for 3 minutes, the alarm or "plane finder" sound will begin. This loud audible sound will aid you in finding a lost plane.

In an event if you left the battery plugged at home... and after 3 mins of no throttle input.... you will have a heart attack if you are not expecting it!

We have done two Videos to show the sounds and also to give you an actual comparisome on the loudness of this unit agaist a 4 Stroke Generator!

For planes up to 1400mm in wing span this Base unit is adequate, as it comes with 1 * TT-25, for those who wants to go overboard! and have the space in the plane, grab another TT-25 HERE and select Combine Free Shipping.

Soundcard Dimensions:  47mm x 74mm x 22mm (at the highest pint, thickness)
TT-25 Tranducers Dimentions: 50mm diametre x 25mm thick

The Soundcard supports maximum of  2 * TT-25s

This Base unit comes with the Soundcard and 1 TT-25 Tranducers.

Grab a balance plug connector HERE to conviniently use your lipos balance plugs as the power scource. 3S to 6S plugs available.

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