Remote Control Cars

Remote Control Cars

Anything that has four wheels and goes like stink! These hobby cars are remote controlled and are powered by either electric or petrol motors. There is sure to be something here for everyone!

1/16th RC Electric Cars

These 1/16th scale cars are perfect for small areas and are all powered by high KV brushless motor. These little speedsters are guaranteed to provide hours of fun!

1/10th RC Electric Cars

These 1/10th scale cars all run a single battery and are all brushless. They are the perfect size for mucking around and do not require a large area to run in. These cars a perfect for both kids and adults alike!

1/8th RC Electric Cars

These cars are 1/8th scale and all run on twin lipos which give a total of 14.8V. These cars are ridiculously quick and are capable of hitting speeds of 70km/h+!

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