Kayak Batteries

Our range of Lithium Ion batteries are specially designed to power all electronics onboard a kayak. Our background is that we supply lightweight compact lithium ion battery packs for the UAV industry as well as for camping and 4 wheel driving. Our client's include search and rescue operators and aerial mappers and surveillance. The main advantages of Li-Ion over Pb (lead acid) batteries is their compact size, light weight (roughly weighing 1/6th of a lead acid in the same capacity) and their ability to be drained down to 10% without affecting overall battery life and longevity. Standard lead acids will start to deteriorate when discharged below 60%. Li-Ions also don't have any memory and can be charged when not completely flat.


We now have a seperate website for our batteries, please purchase from www.fpv-power.com.au/kayakbatteries




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